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51 Mask Studies
Here is a list of 51 studies that look into how well masks work against respiratory illness spread, like Covid-19. I am not going to give any commentary, just a listing of the studies with a brief summary of the findings for each study. Direct link is available to the study so the reader can look into it for themselves.
16 Studies on Natural Immunity to Covid-19
Here are 16 studies that show that Natural Immunity for those who have recovered from Covid-19 is robust. These studies will be provided with a basic summary of the findings, with minimal commentary. Direct links to the studies are provided so the reader can explore the findings themselves.
Rise of New Social Media
2020 brought Covid-19, election drama, and the rise of Big Tech Censorship to main stream America. Facebook, Google, Twitter , CNN, MSNBC all operate as tools for one political party in the United States, the Democrat party. They support this party's agenda and promote the narrative that the Democrat party promotes.